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The World’s Naughtiest Gal and The Loud One’s Don’t Hurt

Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.

I expect every school has one. The one pupil who is constantly in trouble. My first school had plenty of reprobates and I suspect that these days the majority of us would be put on some mind-altering drug to eliminate our high-spirits. The naughtiest pupil at that school was a girl named Penelope. Now when I say naughty I do not mean bad. Penny did not have a mean-spirited bone in her body. She was the quintessential tomboy who climbed trees, was the first girl I knew who could actually kick a football with skill, and she could run like the wind. She was kind of pretty, quite charming and had a fantastic sense of humor. She was very popular and I suspect that even the teachers who had to deal with her shenanigans were secretly fond of her.

It is hard to describe how she was so naughty as most of the time nobody ever really seemed to know why she was always being scolded, told to stay behind after school, or being sent up to the Headmaster’s office. Despite her generally sunny and out-going character I have no idea how often she was subjected to corporal punishment as she rarely discussed the outcomes of her upstairs visits, but there is little question that she was caned frequently by the Deputy Headmistress.

I do know that she was regularly spanked. It was commonplace for the boys to be called up in front of the class to bend over to receive a spanking but girls were treated differently.

“Penelope, I think that you’d better stay behind this evening,” was the common clarion call. We all knew this to be code that she could expect a spanking. Many afternoons after we had placed our chairs on the desks and filed out of the classroom Penny would be left behind to await her fate.

Her appointments upstairs, the after-school spankings and her frequent dismissal to stand in the corner were supplemented with cracks across the palm of the hand with a wooden ruler. Pen was not alone or singled out for punishment. I doubt that there was a boy or girl who left that school without receiving some kind of corporal punishment but she was notable for her frequency.

Getting whapped across the left hand with a ruler was commonplace and really didn’t hurt that much. It was greatly preferable to being sent up for six with the cane which as most of you will know hurts like crazy.

Pen was the first girl I ever saw getting spanked (slippered actually). We were in the gymnasium and Penny decided to entertain herself by careering down one of the pieces of apparatus in a rather reckless manner which could have resulted in causing herself a quite severe injury. The teacher went ballistic and dragged her across the gym and bent her over a vaulting box. She yanked off her plimsoll and gave Pen a really good whacking across the seat of her gym-shorts. Amazingly Penny didn’t howl or holler. I don’t know how many spanks she got but it was certainly more than six.

As I say Pen was generally very tight-lipped about her trials and tribulations but on this occasion she made one of the most bizarre comments that I’ve ever heard … “everybody knows that the loud one’s don’t hurt”. In all my years of spanking I have never met anybody who would agree with this curious claim but the phrase struck a chord with young R. Humphries and I have never forgotten it.

Later I witnessed poor old Pen get a second spanking. This time me and my chums were partly to blame for her unfortunate circumstances. Our school stood adjacent to an art college. A new modern building had been constructed with large dormer windows. To avoid the windows being broken by our footballs a tall wire mesh fence had been erected. If our footballs went over the wall we were supposed to wait for the art schools caretaker to return them. We rarely obeyed this rule and were forever finding ways to retrieve our valuable balls. On this particular day the ball had gone over the fence and landed on a ledge. This was a difficult rescue operation as the mesh fence needed to be climbed. Somehow Penny was persuaded to scale the fence. She was nimble and athletic and carried out the mission in admirable time. Unfortunately she did not go undetected. As she made her return descent her mother, who acted as a school dinner monitor in the playground, was waiting. She marched her daughter across the recreation area and we suspected she would be hauled up before the Headmaster. Instead her mother reached a wooden bench, plonked herself down and dragged Penny over her knees. She gave Pen a damn good spanking over the seat of her skirt. This time Penny did kick up a hell of a hullabaloo but I suspect her dignity was hurt more than her bum. She was finally released and dragged up to the Headmaster’s office where I have no doubt she was sent next door for the cane.

Penny’s antics have always been a source of inspiration for my stories and her character permeates through all the mega-minxes at the Woody Back to School unit. Pen’s perennial naughtiness is particularly prevalent in the character of Debs Morton. Deborah constantly struggles with the inexplicable urge to be naughty and I can only assume that Pen suffered the same struggles. Another characteristic of Penny’s that surfaces in Debs is that she always seemed to be the one that got caught. Debs chum Nixdown calls her the worlds most inept minx.

Nonetheless Pen remained admirably cheerful, playful and remarkably unaffected by her semi-permanent position of being in disgrace. A true inspiration for the wannabe mega-mixes out there in the community.

When we changed schools Pen went off to a local convent school. I saw her occasionally and on one occasion she offered a beautiful nugget of information. “The nuns cane really hard”, she told me. That was all, but it was a wonderful nugget.

Interestingly as a footnote, my mother who knows about all things, later told me that Penny had married an overseas gentleman much against her parent’s wishes. She and hubby moved to a farm in Scotland where they had a large brood of children. I feel certain that they were brought up bare-footed, mischievous and to be wonderfully naughty by the inimitable Penelope.

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.