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Not Quite Such a Naughty Gal But She Still Got the Cane

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In an earlier post ‘The World’s Naughtiest Gal and the Loud One’s Don’t Hurt’, I recalled the trials and tribulations of an old school chum, Penelope. Obviously threading the personality and antics of Penny into my characters was not exactly a great challenge. She was the quintessential mega-minx.

However, as I have said previously, I am a product of the last caning generation where regardless of gender it was almost impossible to navigate the education system without experiencing some form of corporal punishment. You didn’t have to be as naughty as Penny to be subjected to one kind of walloping or another. It was an accepted part of daily life.

One day I was seated beside a gal, who for the purposes of this post I shall call Michelle. She was the anti-thesis of the tomboy Pen. She was a quiet type, studious and very clever as I remember. Her mother was a teacher at the school which probably explained why she was generally well-behaved.

On this particular day the class had been put on ten-minute silence for reasons long forgotten. For some reason Michelle and I evaporated into uncontrollable giggles and when we failed to suppress them we were summarily ejected from the room and dispatched to the Headmaster’s study.

On the way Michelle became increasingly agitated and distressed. She confided that she was terrified because [note this is not a verbatim quote but you will get the drift], “I think I’m going to get six. I’ve only ever had three before but Mrs W. said if I was sent up again this term she’d give me six.”

This brings to mind a passage from one of the Frank Richards Billy Bunter collection where Bunter is in the office of the very strict, gimlet eyed Mr Quelch.

Quelch tells Billy, “The last time that you were in this study I gave you three strokes of the cane, it clearly did not do any good,” to which the hopeful Bunter responds, “Jolly good sir, then shall I cut along?”

Peering over his pince-nez Quelch coldly informs Billy, “You shall certainly not cut along, Bunter, on this occasion I intend to give you six. Now bend over the chair.”

Ever the chivalrous gentlemen the young R. Humphries assured Michelle that there was little prospect of us getting caned for the minor misdemeanor of giggling. She was not in the least bit consoled and was proven correct in her assessment. We were lambasted by the Headmaster for contravening the golden rule of imposed silence and Michelle was dispatched along the hallway to visit Mrs W. the Deputy Headmistress’s office, who would ‘attend to her’.

After I was dealt with I waited at the bottom of the stairs to offer sympathy and consolation (such a gent). Finally she emerged, slightly tearful and rubbing the seat of her skirt furiously. Nonetheless the good news for Michelle was that Mrs W. had forgotten her former threat and only subjected her to two cuts of the cane. Painful, of course, but nothing compared to the effects of six of the best.

As I said earlier in the piece it was near impossible to avoid experiencing some form of corporal punishment but I was still surprised to discover that Michelle had ever been caned. She was rarely sent to stand in the corner, never kept back for a spanking and on the few occasions that she was sent up we assumed that she escaped with a scolding. She had participated in the occasional ‘mass rulerings’, where everybody in the class was required to form a line and hold out their left hands for a couple of whacks with the wooden rule but that was unavoidable.

There were hundreds of Michelle’s, quiet, modest, academic and generally well-behaved but regardless of their stellar records the system favored expediency rather than convolution. Short-sharp shocks produced the desired results.

Was the system just? I don’t know, but we were certainly not fearful. The rules of engagement between staff and pupils were clear and the consequences were explicit. Did it do us any harm or leave lasting scars? I doubt it. The corporal punishment pages at Friends Reunited generally end with the cheery salutation of “Those were the days”.

Did it turn me into a proud and life-long spanko? You can bet your arse on that!

So, Bottoms Up … R Humphries

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.