A Tribute to the Late, Great, George Harrison Marks

Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page and I am delighted to announce that a new volume of the saga – A Year of Sitting Painfully is now available for purchase at the brand, spanking new Woodettes Storefront! Electronically downloading is the cheapest and quickest means of getting to read hundreds of pages of spanking good fun!

Another small success in the R Humphries world of self-publishing. Actually this is really a vanity project. Some years ago I took to formatting my stories into book form for ease of reading by yours truly and My Beloved Jojo. It was only when I discovered Lulu that it became affordable to turn them into actual covered books and publish them with an ISBN number. In a couple of weeks they will be available in the main on-line bookstores so maybe I’ll recover my costs but if I don’t who cares. Of course as all my stories are about a very specific taste in spanking they are probably only of interest to a limited audience. Nonetheless, I am going to publish the complete collection so I can have them in a special book-shelf and can give myself the necessary attaboys. By the time I’ve finished writing the last few volumes I will have written over 5,000 pages and nearly four and a half million words all dedicated to the fine art of spanking! Thanks to those of you who have purchased a few volumes from the Woodettes Storefront. I hope you have enjoyed what you have read so far and will continue to follow the adventures of Jojo and her chums as they continue to embark upon their endless pursuit of causing mischief and mayhem.

Speaking of publishing, I came across a fascinating web-site today dedicated to the late, great George Harrison Marks. George was a colorful character who started life as a glamour photographer publishing ‘Kamera’ and made a number of risqué films. Down on his luck he was persuaded to edit Janus magazine and subsequently went on to establish Kane magazine.

The interesting thing about George Harrison Marks was that when he first started at Janus he had no idea and probably no interest in the world of spanking. His previous portfolio of glamour photography rarely showed the models derrieres, concentrating instead on their other notable protuberances. However, he was a talented photographer and provided the spanking community with some of its most unforgettable images.

On the web-site (http://www.harrison-marks.com/) the host, Peter Henderson, comments that George was amazed at the number of young women, mainly in their early twenties, who were willing dress up in traditional school uniforms and subject themselves to a painful caning for modest financial reward. Peter also observes that the young women must have derived some pleasure and satisfaction from their experiences as many of them became regular features in his magazine.

A Lesson for Lindy

This particular young lady was featured in several of his masterworks including, ‘A Lesson for Lindy’, ‘Punishing Penelope’, and the rare, hard to find 8mm movie, ‘A Prefects Lesson’.

She was (still is) one of my favorite models. I suppose she epitomizes the gals I grew up with both in the style of her clobber (including the widely detested school hat), her make-up and, strangely, her hair-style which was a popular cut of the time. It was clear from all her photo-shoots that she was not just posing for the camera but is actually getting whopped.

She has a particularly expressive face and I especially like this picture where the gravity of her unfortunate situation is all too apparent as she looks back and watches her bumbags being lowered.

The internet is usually an amazing source for scoring rarities but I have yet to find anywhere that a re-mastered DVD of ‘The Prefects Lesson’ is available. If anybody has a copy I would be more than happy to make an offer.

Sadly George Harrison Marks passed away several years ago but Kane magazine continues to flourish under the stewardship of George’s daughter, Josie (http://www.kane-magazine.com/).

So Bottoms Up to George Harrison Marks and Josie! … RH

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.

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