Once a Naughty Gal, Always a Naughty Gal? The Great Naughty Gene Debate.

Firstly, thanks to Uncle Peter’s Spanking Stories for directing some considerable traffic in this direction. Much appreciated.

I have previously written about an old schoolmate called Penny who was by far the worst behaved pupil in one of the schools that I attended (see The World’s Naughtiest Gal and the Loud One’s Don’t Hurt). I have also mentioned an off-hand remark by my cousin referring to another old friend, Debbie, as ‘by far the naughtiest girl in the school’. This morning, R Humphries found himself brooding over what made these two young ladies so outstandingly naughty (I am that kind of a chap).

Now with Penny I can understand. She was an incomparable tomboy, scatty and disorganized and quite probably on some level certifiably barking. God bless her navy blue gossamer bumbags. Debbie on the other hand was the polar opposite. Until her memorable night of revelations (see Conversations with Debbie and the Vanilla Nuggets) I had always perceived her to be something of a Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes and it would have surprised me far less to discover that she was the teacher’s pet.

Now R Humphries was considered a bit of a tearaway back in the day and my behavior was described in numerous derogatory ways but I was never referred to as ‘naughty’. Perhaps the term is uniquely and deliciously feminine. “She was such a naughty gal”, just rolls off the tongue.

My delinquency, and I think the same went for most of my errant associates, was generally pretty pre-meditated and purposefully provocative. In contrast my chum Pen seemed to just naturally engage in whatever activity that had been specifically forbidden. Her naughtiness was flawless but her timing sucked which is why she spent so much time upstairs bent over the deputy headmistress’s desk.

I was fascinated by my cousin’s description that Debbie was by far the naughtiest girl in the school, not just naughty but by far the naughtiest. That conversation occurred years after they had all left school but that was the indelible impression that she had left with my cousin. Debbie’s mother inadvertently confirmed this tendency towards naughtiness when she informed me that it was Debbie that ‘always needed to be spanked’, with emphasis on the always (in Debbie’s presence I might add). I have tried to illicit further details about Debbie’s supposedly serial misbehavior, which is not easy. As I have pointed out she is definitely not a spankette and telling her that she has been a major character in thirty-five years of spanking stories might prove detrimental to me being able to see out of my left eye. I have only been able to piece together that she was caned more than once, had been slippered, that she got more than the single spanking I overheard all those years ago and that she was invited to leave two very reputable schools for reasons I have been unable to ascertain. Even these scants details are enough to form the general opinion that, yes, Debbie was a very naughty gal.

So I got to wondering whether these young ladies were just unfortunate to be born with an over-active naughty gene. In the Woody Back to School Unit books several of the inmates suffer from what I call compulsive impulsive behavior syndrome whereby they find themselves engaging in actions that they know will land them up to their bumbags in whops but just can’t stop themselves. The temptation of the instant gratification they get from being naughty is uncontrollable, despite the knowledge that they will most likely soon be bending over for a dose of the cane.

I very much doubt that Penny enjoyed being sent up for the cane, or being kept back after school for a spanking, or the endless hours she spent standing in the corner, but none of these punishments was enough to deter her. She just had to do it and do it now!

Debbie’s alter-ego, Debs Morton, of Woody Back to School Unit fame, blames a fictional character she calls ‘The Imposter’ for her many trials and tribulations. Her very cynical chum, Nixdown, pooh-poohs the notion and tells Debs that she should face up to the fact that she is just a very naughty gal.

Even a cursory cruise around the internet shows that several august bodies, including the University of Michigan, are studying this subject as we speak and are generally in accord that a ‘naughty’ or ‘rebel’ gene exists in the form of a serotonin gene, a chemical in the brain which has been linked to the control of emotions and mood.

What these learned doctrines do not indicate is whether people bestowed with this gene ‘grow out of it?” I don’t know much about Penny’s later life except that she married and had a brood of children. The last time I met Debbie she was a remarkably chic and successful businesswoman without any outward indications of residual naughtiness from her youth.

So if you are born a naughty gal will you always be a naughty gal? That is the question. This type of social psychological quandary fascinates R Humphries so I shall research further and report back later.

Good luck … Bottoms Up! Thanks for stopping by … RH

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.

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