Riding Crops, Jodhpurs and Spankings in the Stables

Well a big thank-you to everybody who has stopped by at the Woodettes Storefront and taken advantage of the 3 day sale of Downloads of Volumes 2-5 of the Woody Back to School Unit (I am still trying to offer the same deal on Volume 1 but am not getting any response from the host web-site).

It is hardly surprising that tack-rooms and stables have long been a popular staple of spanking magazines for many years. The vision of a comely rear end being paraded around in form-fitting jodhpurs offers considerable possibilities for the average spanko. In the early days of the spanking internet a gentlemen named Doctor Dragoon hosted a site purely dedicated to equestrian spanking. He appears have disappeared into the cyber-ether which is a great shame as his contributions to the community were considerable. I originally found both of these images on the good doctor’s site and I have no idea of their artistic provenance.


The stables and the equestrian-set play a central role in the Woody Back to School Unit stories. Several of the inmates were internationally renowned horsewomen before their lives were rudely interrupted by being dispatched to the facility for a seven year social rehabilitation program without the possibility of parole. The stables are also the playground of Nixdown Nixon, the unit’s resident degenerate, where she acts as hostess at her legendary recreational spanking trysts with her lover Penelope Ann Evans and other sundry playmates.

Penny Ann’s chums are concerned when she takes up with the rampantly promiscuous Nix whose reputation for monogamy is less than stellar. Nonetheless, they are relieved when Nicola Jane appears to remain faithful to Pen.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts Nixdown’s character is based on my old chum Nicola Jane (not her real name btw) who was also rampantly promiscuous and never made any secret of her bi-sexuality. Personally I always thought that her same sex relationships were by far the more successful but that is neither here nor there. The character of Penelope Ann is based on a partner she remained relatively faithful too for some years. It was an interesting dynamic.

Nix enjoyed punishment and pain in the privacy of her boudoir but she was not by nature in any way submissive. In fact Nix could be described as being downright bossy. Nix stands five feet on tip toes in stockinged feet and looked like she might weigh eighty pounds with two house-bricks in her blazer pockets. Pen on the other hand was a tall and statuesque English rose. In public Nix was the dominant party but in private, as best as I understand, it was Nix who generally went over the knee.

It was Nix who first introduced me to the riding crop as a disciplinary toy. Her father was an auteur and she was brought up on an impressive estate where she learned to ride at an early age. One time, when I was staying at the family pile, she showed me her collection of vintage and contemporary crops. Some were merely associated with her riding activities but others she explained with a gleam in her eye were for other purposes. Sadly she did not allow me to try any out on her but a few days later she did generously turn up for dinner with a black leather braided crop with an over-sized slapper as a gift.

I have since acquired several crops and My Beloved Jojo says that they each have a unique personality and differing sensations. This type of information is critical to a spanking writer so I felt compelled to carry out extensive research in this matter much to the detriment of Jojo’s poor beleaguered bum.

A well-designed riding crop is constructed from a long shaft of fiberglass or cane which is covered in leather, fabric, or similar material. The rod of a crop thickens at one end to form a handle, and terminates in a thin, flexible tress such as wound cord or a leather tongue. The thin end is perfectly designed to make crisp contact with an upturned pair of jodhpurs with just a well-controlled flick of the wrist. There are many outlets, both conventional and unconventional, which provide a wide variety and style of crops for those amongst our community who wish to experiment.

The following is an extract from the Woody Back to School Unit saga which features Nixdown and her chums enjoying a celebratory spanking session in the stables.

“Are you really sure that you’re ready for this?” asked Jojo.

Nixdown’s eye’s twinkled. “I’ve been almost three weeks without any action,” she grinned salaciously. “What do you think?”

“Oh Nix, you are such a degenerate,” smiled Jojo affectionately. “But, you are such a beautiful degenerate.”

Nicola Jane Nixon winked at her best chum.

Three weeks earlier Nicola Jane Nixon had been the victim of an ambush by the Confederacy of Yoofs. Her horse had been shot with a pellet, discharged from a high powered air rifle, while she was out riding on the Downs. As Nix struggled to calm her horse, Confucius, a second shot had hit her in the shoulder causing her to be thrown.

Although she had only been battered and bruised, her doctor’s had forbidden her from participating in spanking activities for several weeks. Not unreasonably Nixdown, who was a notoriously belligerent cove by nature, had staged a sit-down strike and insisted on being ferried around the facility in a wheelchair until the sanction was lifted.

Nixdown had selected a provocative micro-mini gymslip that barely covered her bumbags from her extensive clobber collection. As she had sauntered across the quadrangle the Woody Wags exchanged glances and winked at each other.

“She’s back,” they whispered.

Nixdown entered the stable and closed the door behind her. She approached Penny Ann and Suzy and came to a halt. She placed her hands on top of her head.

“I’m back,” she said quietly.

“She’s back,” grinned Penelope Ann Evans.

“She’s back,” nodded Miss Suzy Scott.

Penelope Ann Evans looked striking in a white double breasted Irish linen show-shirt that Nixdown had bought her after they had won the championship at the National Horse Trials. She had on form-fitting black breeches and a pair of elasticated ankle boots. Her bundle of blonde curls was piled up under a silk Duchess of Beaufort dress top hat. She wore black leather riding gloves and slapped a vintage riding crop into the palm of her hand.

Nixdown thought Penny Ann Evans looked magnificent.

Suzy Scott was dressed in a black silk singlet and tiny turquoise satin running shorts that showed off her honed and toned body and the discrete tattoos on her shoulders and calves.

Suzy was holding a violin bow that Nixdown had commissioned from Heiko Wunderlich, the master bow maker based in the Markneukirchen region of Germany. It was crafted from a moderately firm and rounded pernambuco wood. It sported a silver-mounted ebony frog with a pearl eye set into a silver ring. Weighing in at sixty grams it was ideally balanced for delivering Suzy’s signature super weal.

The stables were dimly lit by tall candles in silver holders. Penny Ann had set out several ice-buckets filled with bottles of Nixdown’s favorite tipple, a 1996 Veuve Cliquet Grand Damme.

Nixdown approached Penny Ann. Without being requested she raised her arms and linked her hands on top of her head.

Penny Ann stepped forward and began to inspect Nicola Jane’s red and black striped blazer for signs of imperfections.

Once she was completed she told Nix to, “Remove your blazer and lower your bib.”

Nixdown took her hands off her head and unfastened the top button of her blazer. She shrugged it off and set it aside. She reached up and unfastened the buttons on the shoulders of her gymslip, letting the bib fall downwards. She took the shaft of her tie and laid it over her left shoulder. She returned her hands to the top of her head and stared straight ahead.

Penelope Ann Evans set aside the riding crop and removed her black gloves. She stepped up to Nixdown and slowly circled her.

Suzy Scott sat down on a bale of hay and sipped a glass of the champagne.

Penny Ann came back around to the front of Nix and leaned forward. She began to carefully inspect each individual button down the front of Nix’s blouse, rolling them between her fingers and checking the stitching. Just as meticulously Penny Ann inspected every seam and hem of Nicola Jane’s clobber. Nixdown just continued to stare straight ahead without blinking.

Nicola Jane Nixon’s backside was burning furiously and she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. The lovers had commenced the evening’s activities with Nixdown spread out across Penny Ann’s lap for a moderately warm hand spanking, but had quickly progressed to a six-stroke whipping with the leather crop.

They had taken a short break to sip champagne but Nix was keen to proceed to the next stage of her comeback.

Penny Ann leaned back on a bale of hay and sighed. She had half-heartedly tried to dissuade Nixdown from over-extending herself after her three week cool-arse lay-off but her lover had just laughed at her.

“I can take a twelve stroke bare bender standing on my head,” she assured Penny Ann.

Pen had been forced to chuckle. “I doubt very much that you’ll be standing on your head, sweetie,” she had observed.

Suzy Scott moved a hand-crafted thirty-seven- inch high Maplewood saddle stand into the center of the stable. She placed a walnut stained leather Sheridan saddle, with a seventeen inch seat, over the stand.

The seat of the saddle was a perfect fit for Nixdown’s tiny frame as she bent over. Her bottom sat up proud and prominent. Even though she couldn’t reach the ground on the far side she felt comfortable. The smell of freshly polished leather was quite intoxicating.

Suzy Scott carefully turned back the skirt of Nix’s gymslip and then slipped her bumbags down behind her knees. She took up position and tapped the violin bow down on Nixdown’s naked nates.

It was the general consensus amongst the members of the Woody community that keeping a safe distance between their rear ends and Suzy’s bow was prudent practice.

Since her appointment Suzy had garnered rave reviews on the GalGab web-site and was consistently ranked amongst the hottest whoppers on campus.

The prospect of volunteering to be beaten on the bare bum by Suzy Scott would have seemed a tad reckless to even the most whop-hardened minx.

Nicola Jane wiggled her bottom saucily. She felt perfectly relaxed and content bent across the saddle. Behind her she heard the ominous whistle of pernambuco wood slicing through the air.

The bow sliced across the sweet spot of Nixdown’s swollen derrière with the accuracy of a heat-seeking missile. Nixdown groaned with pleasure.

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