Special Edition … Read All About It! … The Head Down, Arse Up Point of View

She lives, she breathes, she writes, and she takes trips over my knee. Ladies and Gentleman I am privileged to have the exclusive honor of introducing you to the unedited and unexpurgated thoughts of my wife and muse … My Beloved Jojo.

Over to you Gal!

In the spanking world, what exactly is a muse?

I am always pleased when RH refers to me in that capacity…I mean, what gal wouldn’t want to be someone’s muse?

Oh, by the way, this is Jojo. Known to you readers as RH’s “Beloved Jojo”.

He is such a sweetie, I melt every time I read that.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what being a spanking muse means. I guess to some it means just having a enticing derriere and an agreeable attitude about having it reddened in whatever way suits your fancy. Maybe to some it means a person that inspires delectable fantasies (with or without the knowledge and awareness of the muse, although without sounds kind of sad). I don’t really think if you look at a gal and think to yourself, “wow I sure would like to spank that!” that that means she is your muse. If that were the case, a lot of you would have extremely large quantities of muses! Hey, don’t deny it, RH and I talk about all this and I know how the average avid spanko thinks. In fact, this brings me to what I think it means to be a muse for RH. It’s complicated, but I think that it means someone who not only participates in the actual activities of a spanking relationship, but also all things related to that.

Ok, let me explain something here before I go on…I am not nearly as cerebral as RH. Oh I am bright enough, not gonna pretend to be stupid…but I don’t have the avid interest in the history of spanking, caning, and clobber that RH does. I find it very interesting, but I am very content to have RH do all the research and reading and then listen as he tells it to me. He is the detail person. Me, well if you have read any of the Woody Saga stories, I can tell you that Jojo is pretty much the real me personality-wise. He is my muse as well, by the way, but that’s for another day to explain.

Anyway, RH writes. A lot. A very very prolific writer. And he hates the thought of writing stuff that isn’t accurate, but he isn’t a bottom. So of course that leaves it to me to tell him how things feel. What it is like being bent over a chair, being told to remove my blazer. What it feels like if the cane does a quick dance on my bum vs. a long drawn out (at least it seems to me!) caning where each stroke is an event unto itself. Or how it feels to have the tawse applied to a bare non-warmed up backside (NOT good!) vs. on top of silk pajamas after a damn good spanking. Bet you didn’t know that silk sticks to your skin and makes everything that much more intense…I thought it was gonna be a bit of protection the first time and calmly told him to bring on the wooden spatula. Boy was I wrong. Felt like it was gonna suck the flesh right off of my poor beleaguered bum, yikes!

He quizzes me sometimes. What did I feel physically and emotionally. What was the most exciting part? What was unpleasant…bad unpleasant, not good unpleasant, if you know what I mean. If I am not sure, he is not at all adverse to repeating the experiment! Of course, it is all worth it in the long run to be a guinea pig for the sake of his writing. And for the sake of the reader as well…because the truth is folks, I hate for RH to write anything that isn’t based in reality. No, Virginia, there isn’t really a Woody Back to School Unit…at least, not that I know of for sure…but the canings and spankings that he writes of, while couched in a fantasy setting, are still based on actual ummm…research (that just makes me giggle to read…I am a scientist of sorts!).

In addition to inspirational and informational research, this muse does editing and discussing of plots and improvements to plots and sometimes I just am here to tell him if something is good (most of the time), or crap(sometimes! Sorry RH!), or very, very funny (often!). I love that even when doing very intense research we can still laugh. Which to me, is the most important part of being a muse. But maybe that is just the minx part of me.

So that is a bit of what a spanking muse in this household is all about. And now I will go hand this over to RH to read before he posts it for me, we will discuss it, and perhaps that discussion will lead to other discussions on the topic and then before you know there I go again, doing my muse thing. Never a dull day around here!

Until next time,


Ok … that’s my gal … Gorgeous I luv ya!!!

Bottoms Up! Thanks for stopping by … RH

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.

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