Another Public Spanking and a Tribute to the Late, Great, George Jackson Churchward

GJC 001Clearly the concept of being spanked in front of the neighbors struck a chord as that particular posting attracted a remarkable amount of visitors. I would suggest some experimentation in this area to My Beloved Jojo but unfortunately our neighbors are either contenders for the World’s rudest people awards or refugees from the home for the bewildered; so prudently I shall leave the subject well alone.

I also noticed that many visitors took the time to click on the link to the superlative work of the artist David Ell so I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention another great artist worth checking out, George Jackson Churchward.

The now sadly deceased GJC may well have been the godfather of spanking illustrators. Extensive collections of his work are available at the permanent In Memory of GJC site and at the Encyclopedia of Spanking Art site maintained by the Japanese artist K Taira who often added coloration to the works of George J Churchward. (Just a word of warning these sites were developed some years ago and can be a tad frustratingly slow to load … nonetheless well worth a rummage).

I rather like the picture above that I selected from GJC’s collection as the woman in the background rather conjures up the mean spirits of the crueler elements of the Woody Back to School Unit community. Even if they are not actually delivering the punishments themselves they are more than happy to watch and gloat. My Beloved Jojo is quick to point out that this picture is not very representative of the Woody Gals as blubbing up a storm like that would be considered very bad form.

GJC 002At the Woody Back to School Unit the mega-minxes spend an inordinate amount of their lives hanging about waiting to be caned. As a lover of rituals I have always tried to weave the pre-punishment tension into my stories as it fascinates me. I have always liked the picture on the right as I think that with the expression on the unfortunate miscreants face GJC perfectly captures the ‘oh shit’ moment that precedes the moment of truth.

Yesterday we found Debs Morton in the unfortunate position of being spanked in front of the neighbors. Sadly for poor old Debs being publicly spanked in front of relative strangers is not a unique situation. Although it would be hard for even the most articulate advocate to pretend that the final picture I have selected from the GJC collection actually matches the short extract from Volume 22 – The Man From Berlin it was the nearest correlation I could make … so what the hell … Enjoy!

The Woody Back to School unit’s table tennis team played in the first division of a local league. With two former professional tennis players, Debs and Rachel Cox, on their ‘A’ team they were considered formidable opposition.

One evening they were playing a home game against their fiercest rivals and the contest was close. As usual a set of bleachers had been erected in the gymnasium and there was plenty of support for both sides.

Debs had just won a hard fought game putting Woody’s ahead. Rachel was next up and if she won then victory was in sight. Debs sat down beside Rosemary and twice during crucial points she leaned over and whispered in her chum’s ear. Debs of all people should have known better, as a professional sportswoman she knew the protocols of silence during play.

Jane Lummell who was umpiring reminded the spectators to be quiet during points and fixed the evil eye on Deborah. When, during the next point, Debs leaned over again, whispering and giggling in Rosemary’s ear Ms Lummell combusted. She strode around the table and up into the bleachers, grabbed Debs by the wrist and yanked her out of her seat.

“You come with me young lady,” Jane Lummell said angrily and dragged Debs towards the doors to the changing rooms.

Deborah was red-faced and her heart was pounding as she was hustled unceremoniously across the gymnasium. She had no doubt that once they reached the changing rooms she would be dragged into Jane Lummell’s office and walloped with the large over-sized plimsoll that the Gym Dame favored.

It occurred to Deborah the explosion of the rubber-soled plimsoll rebounding off her gym-shorts would be clearly audible in the gymnasium. The unpleasant thought made her cheeks burn even brighter.

GJC 003They had just reached the swing doors to the changing room when Jane Lummell had an abrupt change of heart.

Ms Lummell’s change of heart involved dragging Debs back to the table tennis table, shoving her down, requisitioning a table tennis bat and landing a dozen hearty smacks across her wriggling gym-shorts. The visiting players and their entourage were astounded. It was probably the first and only time that they would witness a world famous tennis player having her butt publicly whupped.

Coldly, Ms Lummell forced the red-faced Deborah to remain in the gymnasium and play out her final game under the amused gazes of the opposing supporters.

I hope you enjoyed the extract, if you want to learn more about the mega-minxes from the Woody Back to School Unit then cut along sharpish to the Woodettes Storefront and BUY THE BOOKS! … downloading for just $4.99 per full length book is the cheapest and most expedient way to get access to hundreds of pages of Woody fun … You won’t be disappointed … Bottoms Up! Thanks for stopping by … RH

Don’t Forget – Free Chapters of the Woody Back to School Unit spanking saga are available at the Woodettes Publications Page.

2 responses

  1. A great collection of GJC’s art is at this site…great collection of artwork…

  2. GJC captures the world of shame and pain these girls feel. He was a master.

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