The Last Train to Whopsville – A Special Guest Post from My Beloved Jojo

It is the Woody Back to School Unit’s great pleasure to present this exclusive special blog from my wife and eternal muse … My Beloved Jojo … so without further ado HEEEEEEEEEEEERE’s JOJO!

There are times when I am reading the Woody Saga that I stop for a moment and contemplate a turn of phrase or a word. I will turn to RH and ask him, ok, is this a real term or is it what I call an “RHism”?

One can never tell. As anyone who has read more than a chapter or two of the trials and tribulations of the gals at the Woody Back to School Unit, there is a special language that is unique to that world. The truth is, most of it is actually much the individual flavor and style of RH himself, made up out of his own colorful and rich imagination…which is yet another thing that makes the work so much different from your run-of-the-mill internet spanking saga.

The thing is, it is kind of catching. I find myself doing the same thing, making up my own terminology. One of my favorites is Whopsville. I think the first time I used it to RH, was one day when RH and I were having a conversation about some mundane daily life thing (yes we do that, we are real people!). I got distracted when RH made some offhand comment about something totally unrelated to spanking or caning or school gals in clobber … ok here is the train of thought just so you can get an idea of how my head works, it went something like this:

RH: I want to pick up some curry for dinner on the way home, can you call in the order please? You might want to tell them to make it a bit milder this time, the last order you said was too hot for you.

Jojo: (giggling) You got it.

Ok, yes it is juvenile but of course the minute he said something was too hot for me I immediately thought oh no I am Jojo there is nothing too hot for me, and of course that made me giggle a bit and off I went …

RH: Good, oh and make sure they include the papadoms . They were left out the last time…

Jojo: Oh ok …

Well those whops last night were pretty hot, but nothing I can’t handle. Hmmm … I bet it would be funny to call a post Indian dinner whops session something like the curry special … the only problem is that RH would always want me to order the Vindaloo!!! Ha!!! Oh … papadoms … funny name … kinda appropriate if you think about it, papa and dom, I mean wow is this spanking food or what?!! … Oh damn … papadoms … I cannot forget those again, he still thinks that the restaurant forgot to put them in the bag, I think the vindaloo whops would be for real on the menu if he finds this out … oh man, DO NOT forget to order them this time! Boy that would be just my luck, to find myself with my bottom getting smacked over some stupid papadoms. Oh my … I can just see it … he would probably find it to be poetic justice to go with cooking utensils, just to keep things consistent with the theme of the crime … oh wow, wooden spatulas … I remember the last time with that one …

RH: There is a great show on tonight; it’s about the blah blah blah yada yada …

Jojo: (long silence)

RH: Hello? You there?

Jojo: Oh! Sorry … (giggling again)…sorry about that … took a brief trip to Whopsville.

RH: Whopsville?

Jojo: (laughing) Yeah … Whopsville …

RH: Explain please? … He said with great interest. (Nothing interests RH more than some new perspective or discussion of the spanking world.)


That’s my own special word.

It can mean a lot of things … in the above instance it is a brief mental trip, a lapse and distraction from the conversation at hand. It’s a disappearance into your own little world of all things spanking, a literal stream of consciousness leap from one topic to another but all tied together (ooh!) with the common thread of whops. You temporarily are THERE. It is usually accompanied by a lack of hearing for a brief moment. It’s a dash into town and then out …

There are times that I use the word to describe an action … i.e. “where’s Debs? … oh she’s off to Whopsville.” Meaning that Debs is either being caned or about to be caned. It’s like showing someone Whopsville on the map without actually going there myself.

I have sometimes used the term to describe whops-related conversations that RH and I have … sometimes about his writing, or about ordering new clobber, or replacing that cane that broke during the last whops (yeah it happens). We are real life participants in this life, so there are always random references to spanking and such, but I am not talking about those short references. In this instance “strolling through Whopsville” is how I would describe spending an afternoon editing or discussing new plot ideas or that new clobber order … casual time involved in Woody world minus the red bum.

Speaking of red bums, that brings me to my favorite use of the word. I use the term to myself to mean the way I feel when I am getting “into the zone”. When you are in the middle of a spanking session , and your mind is getting more and more focused on your bum…when the center of the universe is you and him and the sensations and what is coming next, and next, and next and there is nothing else but that … then you have arrived into the center of Whopsville. If you are lucky, you will go straight to the center of town. Trust me; it’s a pretty good place to go. Anyway, that’s a bit how my brain works. Just an ordinary gal on any given ordinary day.

Whopsville. It’s a special place. You have my permission to go there.

And if you get lost, I am pretty sure that somewhere at the Woody Back-to-School Unit you can find a map.

My grateful thanks to Jojo for this invaluable contribution to the language of spanking … Bottoms Up! … RH

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  1. Nice, fun and interesting

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