A Spanking Good Life

Once again the Woody Back to School Unit is pleased to present an exclusive post from My Beloved Jojo … so without further ado HEEEEEEEEEEEERE’s JOJO!

I know that a lot of people think that if you are in a relationship like mine and RH, that it is an all day long non-stop frenzied spankfest.

LOL … Spankfest!! Isn’t that a great word? It sounds like an annual festival. Wow … we could run with that, but I digress. (I will pass on that idea to RH however, he could probably take it to the heights that I never could.)

Anyway, our life is pretty normal. I mean even by vanilla standards. I don’t wear clobber 24/7 nor do we participate in any kind of heavy S & M stuff. We don’t have a safe word…don’t need one mostly because we know each other so well. RH knows how far I can go, when I am in the zone (Whopsville!), when I am not. He knows when the cane is appropriate (never while drinking), when the good ole reform school strap is better, or just when what I need is a damn good old fashioned otk hand spanking.

So when I say we have a pretty normal life, I mean that it really isn’t anything dramatic … it’s just two people perfectly suited to one another. No big deal. The thing that makes it so ideal, and probably the envy of a lot of spankos who are not in a relationship, or are in one with a vanilla person, is that the underlying dialogue of our relationship is that we are in the zone…together. It would be the same thing if we were two people who liked to, oh I don’t know, dress up in bunny suits. (Hey some people do this, it’s their thing and who are we to judge?) I doubt that they wear bunny suits all day every day, but the special bond that two bunny suiter’s share would be very special to them. They could smile at each other and make subtle bunny references and be happy knowing that they GET each other.

So, the point of all this is this… we are pretty darn lucky. We have found our ideal soul mates in each other. Do we have ups and downs just like everyone else does? Of course! Which proves my point that you should never settle for vanilla because life is gonna be hard anyway, why not meet it head on with someone who really GETS you? Even if you wear a bunny suit.

Ok enough philosophizing… in my next posts we are gonna get down and dirty… I am going to take you through all the different utensils we use from MY perspective! Also I would like to tell you about some of the different things we do to keep life interesting (can you say Spankopoly??)!!

Hmm…I may have to do some intensive research. You know, just to refresh the ole memory.

Oh yeah.

Till next time, as RH says, Bottoms Up!!

One response

  1. You guys are very lucky to such a warm relationship. The spankings are extra credit.


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