Jojo and the Reform School Strap – A Personal Point of View

It is my great pleasure to host another guest spot from my wife, muse and inspiration … Heeeeere’s Jojo!!!!!

“The reform school strap is a wicked invention. It looks wicked. It sounds wicked. And of course, we all know that anything that looks and sounds so wicked is probably deceptively benign…you know, as in “the loud ones don’t hurt”.

Yeah right.

Reform School StrapFirst of all, you have to see it to understand it. It is quite impressive as a piece of kit. It is about two feet long and six inches wide (just the “business” part of it, not including the handle). The leather strap is smooth leather on one side. It is unsplit leather…meaning it hasn’t been sliced thin and had the sueded rough leather removed from the back…so it is thick, substantial and hefty leather and yet still relatively pliable, not stiff like a paddle. When a gal sees this puppy selected out of the toy cabinet, it automatically sets the nervous level up to high. You see it and think, Oh my god, no way. Oh I will be good, I will never ever do it again, can’t we discuss this, oh man this is gonna be bad…

(Just to be clear, no self respecting minx would ever actually vocalize these things, but I can assure you that she will be thinking them!!)

So before one single little inch of thick unrelenting leather touches your backside, already you are a mass of jangly nervous energy. So much for Zen spanking.

Because of the size and heft of the Reform School Strap, it is utter nonsense to think that this is a “bend over and touch your toes” sort of experience. At least, not for me. I am just not that solid. Seriously, you would have to have the strength of an Amazon not to fall over when this baby does the first meet and greet on your bum. In fact, bending over the caning chair in RH’s office isn’t enough support. So luckily, this becomes the perfect time for sprawling over his desk. Did I mention this is one of my own personal favorite fantasies? Yeah, the ruler…oh my. ..

But I digress (I know, I do that a lot, but hey that is just the way I am)…Anyway, the Reform School Strap is definitely NOT a ruler. So when you are bent over the desk, and then you wait, trying not to tense up…impossible… and then BAMMMM! Simultaneously there is the loudest crack of thunder in your ears, your bum feels like the hand of a giant has smacked it, and the g-force of the whole thing practically pins you against the desk for a moment! It is breathtaking and it rings in your ears. If you are lucky the first one was delivered with your bumbags still up. But invariably, I feel RH’s hands rolling my bumbags to my ankles (oh panic!), and then I wait for what I know is going to be the biggest loudest and most stinging moments of my day.

I can assure you I am never wrong about that!

RH has a way of timing it so that it brings the utmost surprise, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. The result is that it is hard to get into the zone and oh my you just want to squeal and kick your feet.

Which of course I would never do. Self-respecting minx code and all that.

Ok, enough for now. I feel the need to rub just talking about it. Next time, the dastardly Peruvian spoon.”

My Thanks to Jojo and check back on Friday and see what the talented Mr Dave Ell makes of the reform school strap in our latest original Woody Toon 9 … until then Bottoms Up! … RH

If you have been enjoying the Toon Collection and the book-extracts and you have finished reading the complimentary Volume 1 – Whops and Clobber and want to know more about the antics of the World’s greatest mega-mixes then cut along sharpish to the newly redesigned Woodettes Publication Page which gives direct access to the five volumes from the Woody Back to School Unit saga that are available for download for the very reasonable sum of $4.99 each. I have included a brief synopsis of the content of each book and of course I have kept the Free Preview Chapters available for your enjoyment.

3 responses

  1. Dear Self-respecting Minx,

    I am deeply impressed by your stoic acceptance of the punishment. Perhaps the Minx Badge of Beating should be bestowed upon your posterior for posterity. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words of appreciation! As a proper well-rounded minx, I do not suffer from false modesty; therefore I am glad to accept any and all awards that might come my way in full agreement that I am totally deserving . Of course, it would be nice if they came with maybe a bottle of bubbly in addition to any ceremonial applications bestowed upon my poor beleagured bum…yikes! … Jojo

      1. But of course Jojo, bubbly, chocolate truffles and a massage come with the award. After all, a happy minx is a well spanked minx. Not all the time however.


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