The Five Red Bums Award

Five Red Bums AwardWe are pleased to honor artist and co-conspirator Dave Ell with the unique homage of receiving the first ever ‘Five Red Bums Order of Merit’.

Dave is a free-lance illustrator operating in glorious retirement from the beaches of Thailand; where else do Scouser’s go off to graze? He is currently deeply distressed about the performance of Liverpool FC who are having a bit of a rum run in the British Barclays Premier League so I thought I would cheer him up with the only award a Scouser is going to see this season.

Seriously though he is a fabulous artist and interpreter and it is a pleasure to collaborate with him … he is available for commission at and is very reasonably priced and very reliable.

We have two new absolutely brand new and original Toon’s ready for publication this weekend so mark your calendars … Bottoms Up! to all of you and especially Dave … RH

If you are enjoying the Toon Collection and the book-extracts and you have finished reading the complimentary Volume 1 – Whops and Clobber and still want to know more about the antics of the World’s greatest mega-mixes then cut along sharpish to the newly redesigned Woodettes Publication Page which gives direct access to the five volumes from the Woody Back to School Unit saga that are available for download for the very reasonable sum of $4.99 each. I have included a brief synopsis of the content of each book and of course I have kept the Free Preview Chapters available for your enjoyment.

One response

  1. These cartoons are the most amazing and so funny but also so very sexy. I love Sammy.Wow! she has the most gorgeous bottom.
    A very gifted artist is D.E

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