Bend Over and Touch Them – The Redux Edition

My thanks our guests who alerted me that the pdf version of ‘Volume 40 – Bend Over and Touch Them’, published yesterday did not meet the normal high quality standards that the Woody Back to School Unit aspires to … this is now rectified as best as I can tell … my sincere apologies for the technical snafu.

Speaking of technology, as the Woody Back to School Unit saga moves inexorably towards its conclusion this blog will become more of a repository for the library of books and illustrations that we have presented over the past few years … I believe that there are three more books yet to be written which I estimate will be finished by the end of the year … Throughout this period I will more than likely continue to commission an occasional cartoon from Our Man in Phuket, the legendary wine-soak Dave Ell when a great spanking thought inspires me … but most importantly I intend to completely revamp the site so that it is better designed for all-media and most importantly to fit the growing ‘mobile’ requirement requested by many of my guests … I’m not certain how successful this new adventure will be but watch this space … in the meantime enjoy the latest book and if you find yourself with more time on your hands please feel free to kick back and have a good old rummage around the rest of the site … Bottoms Up! … RH

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