Well Done Wellred Weekly

My appreciation to the Editrix-in-Chief (flopsybunny) and the Design Editor (Februs) for spiffing up my contribution to the latest addition of ‘Wellred Weekly’ … very nice work guys.

Downloads and readership of the latest volume of the Woody Back to School saga ‘Volume 40 – Bend Over and Touch Them’ has been extraordinary and more importantly to me is the number of guests who seem to have enjoyed the latest volume enough to go back and start reading the saga from ‘Volume 1 – Whops and Clobber’ … For a writer that is always the greatest reward … so a very warm welcome and thanks to the many new readers who have taken the time to investigate the portfolio of work on our little site … there are now forty full volumes of the Woody Back to School Unit saga, which follow the lives of the cast characters that I have created through their trials, tribulations, adventures and misadventures at the WB2SU, available for download in ‘Library I’, and numerous other Woody related writings and ramblings in ‘Library II’ … the galleries contain over a hundred completely original toons that I have commissioned over the last eighteen months from my good friend, legend in his own lunch-time and all-round Scouse scallywag Dave Ell are available in the galleries … and you know what? … the best thing about this? … Everything at Woodys is ABSOLUTELY FREE and COMMERCIAL FREE … it is the weekend so please feel free to pour yourself your favorite beverage and kick back and have a good old rummage about the site … Bottoms Up! … RH

One response

  1. What a great site, I’d seen a ouple of Dave Ell’s cartoons on Animeotk.com but never had a hance to read the stories behind it. I too have an imaginary world – a small village – with characters who I’ve grown up with for 14 years so it’s nice to know there are other people like this out there. All the spankos I know have only a couple of recurring fantasy charaters.

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