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Merry Xmas and some spanking good last minute stocking fillers

Happy Christmas From Jojo and RH 1Greetings old friends … Betimes the means that makes us strangers, or so said Willy the Shake … As we come up to the festive season I thought that I’d round off the year with a couple of shout-outs, some news and other minutia.

For those of you that are still looking for a few last minute stocking fillers here are a couple of great ideas … My good friends flopsy and Februs over at the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction have released seven brand new volumes of Christmas spanking stories … With a combined total of 222,500 words, there is probably something for everybody’s tastes amongst the collection … So I encourage you to cut along sharpish to LSF Publications Xmas Library and stuff your Christmas stockings with some of these last minute goodies.

Another equally enticing stocking-filler is the latest offering from Janus Worldwide who have published Encore Number 10 featuring 85 pages of full sized pictures (some hitherto never previously published) featuring the iconoclastic Nicola Redway and her equally beguiling partner-in-crime Priscilla Waters … the two young ladies appeared in two photo essays (Janus 23 and Janus 46) which are generally considered by genre aficionados as the finest adult schoolgirl spanking sets ever published … Be bold and treat yourself!!!

For the past year the WB2SU site has generally remained open as a repository for the collection of books and cartoons that make up the Woody Back to School Unit Saga … I would like to thank the many visitors who still stop by and rummage around the libraries and galleries … there’s lots to read and lots of original toons to view and its all ABSOLUTELY FREE and even better we keep the site COMMERCIAL FREE as well and that is how it will remain!!!

Before I close and return to a very fine Malbec that I am enjoying I’d just like to play tribute to a couple of sites that just manage to keep tirelessly contributing to the well-being and growth of the entire spanking community … Happy Christmas to Bonnie Burns at My Bottom Smarts , Hermione at Hermione’s Heart , D J Black at the Voice in the Corner , Valdor at The Spank Statement , Brushstrokes at The Spanking Spot , and, of course, finally to Mr Chross, enough said … Long may you all blog.

Of course no WB2SU round-up couldn’t include a shout-out to Our Man from Phuket, the legendary booze-hound and general Scouse Scallywag Dave Ell who I commissioned to draw the 100+ cartoons featured in the galleries and who I would HEARTILY endorse as a collaborator … This is one of my all time favorites and the full story surrounding Deborah’s unfortunate late night caning can be found in Library II in the volume aptly titled  A Bedtime Beating , which as usual is ABSOLUTELY FREE … Please have a very safe and enjoyable festive season … Bottoms Up … RH

Woody Toon 29

They’re Back!!! Brand New Woody Back to School Unit Book

Volume 42 -  CoverAfter nearly six months of being diverted by other projects and everyday life events I am pleased to announce that the Woody Gals are finally back in a brand new full-length yarn Volume 42 – The Final Flogging … As usual it features the latest adventures and misadventures of Debs Morton, Jojo Heyworth and the rest of the Woody Gang … Thrills, spills and the sounds of canes, straps and slippers rebounding off tautened navy blue gossamer bumbags abound … And you know what? … It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE just like everything else at the Woody Back to School Unit and what is even better we keep the whole site ABSOLUTELY COMMERCIAL FREE as well.

The new volume is also available for download in Library 1 from the main menu above and my personal favorite way for mobile viewing is on my iPad … just touch the pdf file anywhere towards the top of the screen and when the menu appears touch the icon in the top far right corner and it will ask you what browser you would like to open in (iBooks, kindle, nook etc).

Finally I would like to thank many old friends who have kept in touch and encouraged me to continue the saga … It has always been my intention to continue to write and publish new stories about the antics of the huge cast of characters that I have created over the years and I am actively in the process of writing Volume 43 of the saga so hopefully it will not be another six months before you hear from me again … However a few months ago I made a conscious decision to turn the blog into a repository for the body of written work that I have produced over several decades and as a library to house the many artistic endeavors that I have created in collaboration with the wonderful artist and downright drunken degenerate Scouser Dave Ell … btw Dave has several books of his own original works available over at his site.

So go ahead and download the latest book, cosy up with a nice refreshing bottle of Unoaked Chardonay or a fine Pinot Noir and ENJOY … Bottoms Up! … RH

The Woody Gang’s Been Nominated!!!

The Woody GangMy thanks to the guest who nominated our site for inclusion in the Spanking Spot’s Creative Site of the Year award category … My thanks, also, to Brush Strokes, the spanking scenes most eminent political pundit for hosting these prestigious and coveted awards and … Finally my congratulations to my fellow nominee’s who all have wonderfully creative sites and are some of the hardest working bloggers amongst our community.

Over the past year we transformed the Woody Back to School Unit site to become more of a repository for the ongoing saga, which is now comprised of forty-one volumes, (with more on the way) all collected in Library I, and numerous other Woody related stories stored in Library II … The galleries display in excess of one hundred original Woody cartoons that were created in collaboration with Dave Ell … Our intent is to continue to maintain and update the site as new Woody material and, or, other interesting spanking related material becomes available … So please continue to watch this space and remember that everything at the Woody Back to School Unit is completely original and ABSOLUTELY FREE and even better we keep the whole site ABSOLUTELY COMMERCIAL FREE as well.

I think that one of our successes this year was to modernize the look of the site and especially to make it more accessible and reader friendly on most portable devices and to make it work better with a wide variety of browsers … hopefully all our guests are enjoying a more satisfying reading experience on every available medium … if anybody has a problem with a particular browser or device let us know and we will try to rectify … Once again my thanks for the nomination … Bottoms Up! … RH

Debs is Back in a Brand New Yarn and a Classic Toon

Today’s brief teaser is an extract from the very soon to be published ‘Volume 42 – The Final Flogging’ of the Woody Back to School Unit saga and features another hot and sweaty incident in the colorful life of Debs Morton … Unusually I commissioned the accompanying toon (featured at the foot of this post) before I had written the story … the two spankers, Debs Morton and Claire Brooks’ respective mothers had been featured in earlier tales and toons and their toon characters were amongst my favorite interpretations of my briefings that are brought to life by Our Man from Phuket, the legendary booze-hound and general Scouse Scallywag Dave Ell so I hit upon the idea of putting them together on-stage engaged in an epic spank-off featuring their hapless daughter’s bare behinds and hard unyielding long handled, oval headed, wood backed hairbrushes … I think the result speak for itself … a truly classic toon … It’s Saturday so I invite you to kick back and enjoy this little yarn and then if you like what you read please feel free to stay around and have a good old rummage around the libraries and galleries … there’s lots to read and lots of original toons to view and its all ABSOLUTELY FREE and even better we keep the site COMMERCIAL FREE as well … Bottoms Up! … RH

The Two Ma’s

At twenty-one hundred sharp Smoke-time tens of thousands of Woodettes logged on to and were greeted by the familiar figure of Miss Christy Cranfield seated behind a desk, resting demurely on her elbows and facing directly into the camera.

“Greetings fellow Woodettes,” she said warmly. “As you are aware this evening Claire Brooks and Deborah Morton have agreed to participate in what will almost certainly be remembered as a historic event. These two brave young ladies have agreed to subject themselves to bare bottom spankings from their respective Ma’s in the cause of a number of grateful charities. The number of spanks delivered to each has been mutually agreed to be twenty-four, however safe words have been selected and if at any time either of the participants feels that they have reached their limits of tolerance the spanking will be immediately terminated. Now it is my great pleasure to introduce Ma Brooks and Ma Morton.”

The curtain on the stage rose and from either side of the wings Mrs Christine Brooks and Mrs Penelope Morton strode onto the stage.

Ma Brooks was an internationally familiar figure; she was regularly seen on television alternating between stumping for the current prime minister, who just happened to be her husband, or advocating the liberal use of wood-backed hairbrushes on the bottoms of recalcitrant daughters. Like Claire she had feline facial features framed by dark chestnut hair and carried herself with an elegant grace. But in contrast with her daughter she was notably shapely, an asset that she showed off to good effect with the figure hugging lime green sleeveless dress she had chosen. In her right hand she carried a long-handled, oval-headed, wood-backed hairbrush. She waved at the guests as she approached one of the two straight-backed chairs that had been placed on the center of the stage.

From the opposite wing Deborah’s mother Penny entered the stage. She wore a red dress with matching make-up; her blonde hair fell over her shoulders giving her a decidedly youthful look. In her younger days Penny had been a nationally ranked tennis player and a noted concert pianist. After her marriage and the birth of Deborah she had retired from public life and had concentrated on nurturing the many talents of her prodigious daughter. She smiled at the audience and approached her old chum Chrissie Brooks and shook hands. In her left hand Penny Morton was carrying an equally business like looking hairbrush.

The two women sat down on the chairs and awaited the arrival of their daughters.

Deborah exchanged hugs with Derby, Kate and Rosemary. She stuck her tongue out at Bernadette. “I’ll get you for this Bounder,” she muttered, “you mark my words,” and then set off across the stage with as much confidence as she could muster.

Debs stared into Claire’s eyes and was almost tempted to start to giggle. Her current situation was so incongruous it was almost laughable. She would shortly be twenty-eight years old and in less than a month she would be competing at Wimbledon in the worlds most prestigious tennis tournament, but right now she was turned face down across her mothers lap and was about to be spanked on her bare bottom, with lethal hairbrush, in front of a gawking audience.

The chair’s had been placed side to side and the two young women had been bent over face to face to accommodate the fact that Deborah’s mother was a leftie. For the thousandth time in the past few hours Deborah Morton wondered whether she was stark raving bonkers.

Debs reached out and took Claire’s hand. “Good luck, sis,” she whispered. Claire responded by squeezing Debs hand tightly and blowing her a kiss.

“Let the spankings begin,” announced Christy. “One!”

Chrissie and Penny’s arms went up and then the backs of the brushes came down landing on the naked nates of their respective daughters in perfect synchronization.

In over sixty countries around the globe die-hard Woodettes were glued to the video stream being sent live and direct from the Great Hall of the infamous Woody Back to School unit. For days the chat-rooms had been filled with rumors about the forthcoming event, but even after the announcement the Woodettes had not been quite sure what to expect. What they were actually witnessing made them gape at their screens in jaw-dropping incredulity.

A Synchronized Nailing

Claire and Debs were each having good reason to reconsider the current state of their sanity. The two chums wriggled and squirmed, they hissed and panted, and moaned and groaned as the two Ma’s blistered their bums with unrelenting tenacity. The two chums had unenthusiastically conceded that given the extraordinary generosity of the international spanking community that they were duty bound to put on a good show for the fans. The two Ma’s had been instructed not to hold back and to lay it on thick. Chrissie Brooks and Penny Morton were delivering the goods in spades.

After twelve crashing spanks had been delivered Christy Cranfield announced a thirty-second breather. The inmates used the brief interval to make bets on their smartphones via the newly developed Bernadette Summers Enterprises on-line gambling app, wagering whether either gal would invoke the safe word or whether they would choose to go the distance.

Claire hung upside down panting. Very slowly she raised her head and looked over in Deborah’s direction. Debs did the same. Throughout the first session both gals had chosen to keep their heads well down, lost in their own private worlds, repeating their mantras over and over and desperately trying to remain focused and to stay deep in the zone.

“You okay, sis?” Claire whispered.

Debs rolled her eyes and grimaced, but she nodded emphatically. She reached out her hand and they exchanged another supportive squeeze.

“Ten seconds ladies,” announced Christy.

Debs gave Claire’s hand a final squeeze and then released it before lowering her head down between the crisply starched creases of her white blouse.

The two Ma’s arms pumped up and down in perfect synchronization as Christy kept the proceedings going at a brisk pace of six spanks a minute. The images of Claire and Debs vividly scarlet bums being flashed around the globe via Nixdown’s hi-definition video rig left the gaping Woodettes in no doubt that they were witnessing the Real McCoy.

Debs Morton was in no doubt that she was experiencing the Real McCoy. Her eyes were watering, her teeth were chattering and her nerve endings were jangling as the rhythmical spanks worked there way up her right buttock and back down her left.

“Just six more to go,” she told herself. “I can take it, I will not blub and I will not howl.”

The oval head of the hairbrush crashed down on her right cheek once, twice and then thrice. Debs braced herself for the final onslaught on her left buttock.

“Okay ladies, let’s zing them,” called Christy.

Deborah and Claire’s responses were immediate. “Nooooo! Noooo!” they squealed in unison, but to no avail. They felt their mothers press down on their necks pushing their noses towards the floor of the stage and thrusting their buttocks upwards. The hairbrushes crashed down landing three final spanks on each gals quivering left buttock one on top of the other.

“Yow-ow-ow-ow!” howled Debs.

“Yarooh!” hollered Claire.

In the space of just six rapid spanks two of the communities most whop-hardened veterans had both been nailed in perfect synchronization.

Around the world Woodettes gaped at their screens. All around the Great Hall the guest’s chins dropped. On stage Claire Brooks and Debs Morton were gyrating in their mother’s laps, legs kicking, fists air-pumping and buttocks wriggling and squirming as they tried to cope with the overwhelming effects of being zinged.

“Not funny,” Debs was panting. “Not funny at all.”

“Man, oh man oh fucking man!” groaned Claire. Fortunately Chrissie Brooks did not appear to appear to notice her daughter unleashing the eff-bomb and was busying herself rolling up Claire’s bumbags and smoothing down her skirt.

Deborah was not surprised that tears were rolling down her cheeks as her Ma helped her to her feet. She put her arms around her mother and slowly rested her head on her shoulder. Penny stroked her hair gently.

“There, there,” she whispered in Debs ear. “It’s over now and you’ll cool down in a few minutes. Just take your time.”

“That was not funny Ma,” Debs complained as she tried to repair her makeup. “How is that you’re the only one that always makes me howl and always makes me blub?”

“It must be a mother-daughter kind of thing,” smiled Penny. “See it’s not just you,” she said nodding in Claire’s direction.

Debs Morton patted her face with cold water. “You know what Ma, I’m going to go and get good and damned squiffy.” She turned around and slipped her arm into her Ma’s. “You coming?”

“Sounds like an appropriate plan,” smiled Penny.

Greetings from the Woody Gang on Love Our Lurkers 7

Hi Y’all … Although I now mainly use the blog as a repository for the forty-one full-length volumes of the Woody Back to School unit saga and as a gallery for the hundred plus original Woody Toons that I commissioned from my old mucker and general wine-soak Dave Ell I am still flattered by the considerable traffic the site continues to attract and I can assure you that I very much appreciate your visits.

Like most writers I enjoy receiving feedback about the books and am always more than happy to respond to questions regarding the saga so please don’t hesitate to leave comments and I will respond as soon as possible.

As usual I would like to thank the inimitable Bonny over at the legendary My Bottom Smarts for organizing LoL 7 and a big hi to everybody who is participating in this event.

Finally folks I am closing in on finishing the latest installment of the Woody Back to School Unit, “Volume 42 – The Final Flogging” so watch this space … as usual I am pleased to invite you to stay and have a good old rummage around the Libraries and Galleries … there’s plenty to look at and read and it’s all ABSOLUTELY FREE and even better we keep the site COMMERCIAL FREE as well … so kick-back and enjoy …. Bottoms Up! … RH

Six Shades of Red – A Brand Spanking New Woody Book

There is no better way to start the Labor Day weekend than to download the brand spanking new installment of the Woody Back to School Unit saga,  ‘Volume 41 – Six Shades of Red’ featuring the latest adventures and misadventures of Debs Morton, Jojo Heyworth and the rest of the Woody Gang … Thrills, spills and the sounds of canes, straps and slippers rebounding off tautened navy blue gossamer bumbags are guaranteed … And you know what? … It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE just like everything else at the Woody Back to School Unit and what is even better we keep the whole site ABSOLUTELY COMMERCIAL FREE as well … Btw I am particularly thrilled by the smooth readability of the pdf files on my iPad (it’s ok on my iPhone as well but obviously a little smaller) … Just a late additional note, if you touch anywhere on the pdf file on an iPad and you get the ‘open in iBooks’ dialogue, try it out, it presents a perfect page view … any feedback on performance on other media would be greatly appreciated … So we cordially invite you to mix yourselves a Saturday Bloody Mary, kick-back and enjoy … Bottoms Up!!! … RH

A Special Treat for Connoisseurs

Once again caps off to Janus Worldwide who have dug through their archives and created a 30th Anniversary digital magazine tribute to the iconic St Winifred’s trilogy … the original three films were financed by Peter Lucas, a doyen of the eccentric London Soho spanking set of the seventies and eighties, and were notable for their use of a relatively large cast, full colour, sound and even some slow-motion effects … the tribute magazine Janus Encore Volume One features recollections of making the film and many previously unpublished pictures for the avid collector of such wonderful smut … It’s also worth stumping up the paltry few squids they are charging for the re-rendered editions of the movies, if for no other reason than to listen to the completely off-script dialogue being uttered by yet another former resident Soho bohemian, a notorious conman and bon viveur, the late great Stanley Lowe who plays the Headmaster of the St Winifred’s school (who says spanking and caning can’t be fun?) … Also of interest is that the films were shot in the once exclusive restaurant known as ‘School Dinners’, that was originally located in the Barracuda Club on Baker Street, not but a skip and a jump from Sherlock H’s original abode … I’m sure that I’m not the only London spanker who partook of an occasional gargle at the SD bar back in the day!

I am very close to finishing the latest volume of the Woody Back to School Unit saga so keep checking back and if you are a new guest, welcome and please feel free to stay around and have a good old rummage about … there’s lots to read and view and, just so you know, everything at WB2SU is available for download ABSOLUTELY FREE and even better we keep the site ABSOLUTELY COMMERCIAL FREE as well (with exception of the occasional shout-out to Janus for nostalgia’s sake) … so enjoy … Bottoms Up!!! … RH

Brand New Look to Woodys – Feedback Requested

Finally I have found a new look for the site that seems to work on desktop, laptop and mobile devices … I will slowly go back through some of the older posts and see if I can clean them up but mostly I am trying to make the new material as user friendly as I can … so if you have a particular device, or use a browser where the site is not looking good please let me know and we’ll see what we can do … I will also reinstate the blogroll as soon as I understand how this new theme works … Thanks from all of us at the WB2SU … Bottoms Up! … RH 

A Spanking Aficionado’s Mystery

Ok team help me out … take a look these two front pages of Janus from back in the day and you would not be considered to be certifiably barking if you assumed that they featured the same model … The young lady on the right appeared in the iconic photo-shoot ‘Punishing Penelope’ (New Janus Volume 1) and the lady on the left, whom I had always assumed to be the same model, was featured in the equally iconic ‘A Lesson for Lindy’ (New Janus Volume 5) … I mean check it out … same colored bumbags, socks, ties and blazers and the signature hats … then check out these views of their rear ends … pretty damn similar shapes in my humble opinion …

… but here’s the thing when I recently purchased a digital copy of ‘The New Derriere Volume 1 Number 3’ and I came across this photograph from the epic Harrison Marks movie ‘The Prefect’s Lesson’ … I noticed that both models seemed to appear in the same picture … enough to make even the most ardent of spanking detectives scratch their noggin’s … and maybe even resorting to a indulging in a glass of chardonnay in the sunshine … clues on a postcard will be gratefully received … Bottoms Up! … RH

Six Red Bums Award for Flopsybunny

I have long been a fan and contributor to the the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction which is very ably hosted by Februs, Flopsybunny and a team of diligent spanko volunteers … most recently they have begun to publish a periodic web-zine bearing the creative masthead ‘The Wellred Weekly’ … the WW is now at Issue Five and features a wide variety of spanking focused articles, news and interviews … this splendid new publishing venture has already attracted contributions from a representation of some of the grandee’s from the spanking writing and blogging community … hearty congratulations to Editrix-in-Chief, Flopsybunny for her hard work in bringing this magazine to fruition … the Woody Back to School Unit is pleased to show our appreciation by presenting Flopsybunny with the prestigious Six Red Bums Award for exceptional services to the international spanking community … Bottoms Up! … RH