Gallery I

The Woody Toons contained in this gallery are generally based upon episodes that have been selected from the original Woody Back to School Saga written by R Humphries. All the currently completed full-length volumes of the saga are available in Library I, absolutely FREE for download in pdf format. The toons have been prepared in collaboration with the magnificently eccentric illustrator and legend in his own lunchtime, Our Man in Phuket, Dave Ell.

Just the usual polite reminder that Woodettes Publications purchased these illustrations along with the copyright. We have no objection to other sites using them as long as they are accompanied by appropriate acknowledgment to the source.

Dave Ell is available as a commissioned cartoonist for hire at his personal website and I can highly recommend him as a collaborator.

One response

  1. love your drawings esp the pyjamas ones. Perfectly round bums in nothing but jamas . Who could resist such a target ?

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