Library II

Woodettes Publications are pleased to present this miscellaneous collection of full-length books featuring the characters from the popular Woody Back to School Unit saga … As usual these books are available absolutely FREE for download in PDF format; just click on the red link beneath the thumbnail of the book cover … Enjoy … Bottoms Up!! … RH 

2 responses

  1. Magnificent! A sterling collection of work – or works.
    From what little I’ve already read, cleverly thought out and well written, I look forward to working my way through the whole collection over the coming weeks. Not sure what would constitute a proper thanks for this reading material, but felt I had to try.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks … I hope you enjoy … Although I largely finished the saga and just leave the WB2SU site as a repository for the books and cartoons I am thinking about writing another volume that is half-finished … I had never imagined that I would write 42 Volumes or commission over 100 cartoons when I started out … Thanks for kind words and please enjoy … RH

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